Get Ready for Chinese Visitation with China Union Pay

Chamber member School Spirit Pays provides an easy and seamless solution for accepting China Union Pay, one of the most common payment methods used by Chinese visitors. The biggest takeaway from our recent Global Ready China Seminar is that this market is arriving in big numbers fast, and our local businesses need to be ready to welcome them in many ways, including looking into taking Chinese visitors’ forms of payment. It’s a simple process to set this up, says Don Paris, founder of School Spirit Pays, and all you need to get started is an internet connection.

School Spirit Pays can provide businesses with a link and a log in to accept China Union Pay. The transaction screen will be in Mandarin Chinese – simple for the customer to understand – and the transaction will be taken as merchants are used to. There is usually a delay of two business days for funds to be transferred, but it’s a secure and reliable process. Since it’s all through the Chinese government, rates can be a bit higher than for American credit cards. The set-up process is fast and easy through School Spirit Pays, and you can contact Don Paris directly to get your business set up.

School Spirit Pays is a re-seller of one of the largest credit card processing companies, and through this they give money to local charities. They match merchants’ rates to the penny, and they take a portion of the fees collected and give those directly to a charity of your choice. The funds must be unrestricted and must go to a non-profit, but which organization is up to your business. The company has a special focus on helping local schools, which is how their partnership with the Mammoth Schools NOW Education Foundation began.

Many Chamber members are already using School Spirit Pays: Holiday Haus, Carmichael Business Technology, Lakanuki, Petra’s Restaurant, Clocktower Cellar, Alpenhof Lodge, Mammoth Hospital, Sierra Sundance Whole Foods, Mammoth Lakes Foundation and A-Frame Liquor.

To get set up for School Spirit Pays credit card processing or to take China Union Pay through SSP’s system, contact Don at