Mammoth Market: Town-Wide Sale

Take advantage of this Chamber-sponsored, regionally-advertised event to move inventory, spotlight specials and drive traffic to your business. The town-wide sale is held three times a year on high-visitation weekends: Memorial Day weekend, 4th of July weekend and Labor Day weekend.

Businesses with an approved Mammoth Lakes business license are permitted to display and sell their merchandise outdoors during the duration of the event.

Displays must not exceed 400 square feet and must not be located in public right-of-way or interfere with emergency vehicle or pedestrian access. Displays must conform to the applicable building height and setback requirements and are limited to daylight hours. Displays are limited to one sign not exceeding 20 square feet. Businesses are allowed one day for set up of display and one day to remove display.

For any questions, contact Craig at or 760-934-2712.